Will BioRenew PTM Therapy Help my Knees?

Will BioRenew PTM Therapy Help my Knees?

Knee problems are a common complaint for which there may be many causes. When you’re suffering from knee problems, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis so you can follow the best course of treatment. BioRenew PTM therapy can be an alternative to drugs, steroid injections and/or surgery when you’re experiencing knee problems. 


What is BioRenew PTM therapy?


BioRenew PTM therapy is a minimally invasive, all-natural biologic therapy that can potentially assist your body in its natural ability to improve connective tissue problems.


It does this by supplementing the injured or damaged tissues with a rich fluid matrix containing placental tissue components. These components can assist your body to naturally improve the poorly functioning connective tissue of the knee, giving you relief from inflammation and discomfort. 


Osteoarthritis (OA) 


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and it often affects the knees. It is a result of the wearing down of connective tissues in the joint, specifically the cartilage and the underlying bone. Deterioration occurs gradually as you get older and common symptoms are joint pain, stiffness and tenderness.


Other symptoms include decreased flexibility and joint swelling. BioRenew PTM therapy helps the body in its natural ability to improve the damaged connective tissue of the joints that are causing the discomfort and decreasing your mobility. 


Torn ligaments


For some types of knee injuries, like the connective tissue injuries common in fitness activities and sport, surgery is often recommended. Ligaments in the knees connect the upper leg bone and lower leg bone and stabilize the articulating bones during movement.


Twisting the knee or receiving a traumatic blow can cause these ligaments to tear and result in inflammation and discomfort. A meniscus tear or a tear of the cartilage in front of the knee that cushions the joint is another common injury. BioRenew PTM therapy can provide an alternative to surgery for such injuries.


Runner’s knee (Chondromalacia patellae)


Runner’s knee refers to a condition when the knee deteriorates and the connective tissue at the back of the kneecap or patella softens. It may develop when the knee is overused, which is why it is common in runners. BioRenew PTM therapy may assist the body in its natural ability to heal or improve the functioning of the connective tissue of the patella that is causing the pain and decreasing mobility. 


What can you expect if you undergo BioRenew PTM therapy?


BioRenew PTM therapy is performed in a physician’s office and only takes between five and ten minutes. The physician may use a local anesthetic or other methods to numb the area before application.


It requires no invasive needles for drawing blood or harvesting tissue and you will usually only need a single treatment to experience relief from discomfort. You will start feeling relief as soon as three to ten days after treatment and continue to feel it in the following months. As no sedation is required, you will undergo appropriate monitoring and then be able to walk out on your own.